Nobody's Fool (2018)

After Tanya left the prison where she spent five years, she returned to her life with her sister, Danika. Again, Danika tries to help her sister get up on her feet. Events change when Danika tells her sister that she has a long-term relationship via the Internet with a mysterious man she has not seen. Tania looks puzzled by this because she reveals that her sister's life is not apparent.
Duration: 110 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2018
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Characters Of "Nobody's Fool (2018)"
Critics Of "Nobody's Fool (2018)"
CineChat Podcast
November 06, 2018 This had two good laughs and some chuckles. It's stupid but it works on its basic level.
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Reel Film Reviews
November 11, 2018 A complete trainwreck virtually from beginning to end...
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Sacramento News & Review
November 08, 2018 Writer-director Tyler Perry throws all kinds of ideas at us, but he never manages to get over the basic problem at the center of his script: Sumpter's character is shallow and unlikeable, while Haddish's... wears out her welcome in record time.
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Chicago Tribune
November 03, 2018 Too much of "Nobody's Fool" makes do with well-worn exchanges and contrived, overheard conversations.
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New York Times
November 02, 2018 If the movie's looseness lets in an excess of dead air, "Nobody's Fool" is still dotted with pleasures besides those Haddish brings.
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AV Club
November 02, 2018 [Sumpter] and Haddish make a likable pair, but Perry never quite works them into a functioning comedy team.
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Austin Chronicle
November 08, 2018 You feel like you're the victim of a cruel bait-and-switch, lured into thinking Nobody's Fool would be a crappy but nevertheless entertaining Tiffany Haddish movie, only to have it turn out to be a crappy but nevertheless crappy Tyler Perry movie.
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November 03, 2018 Once again, Perry puts a good cast into a muddy story that lacks a clear premise, plot or theme.
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New York Magazine/Vulture
November 05, 2018 It's something like five movies in one. Or maybe it's five movies in two. Or six movies in three. It's a mess, whatever it is, but it's not without its charms.
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Los Angeles Times
November 02, 2018 Even with all of Haddish's hard work, she still can't clean up the mess she's landed in.
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Tony Baker Comedy
November 08, 2018 When Tiffany is not around [Nobody's Fool] falls into the same doesn't really resonate. The writing was kind of weak.
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Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)
November 11, 2018 Haddish brings 'Nobody's Fool' to above-average quality.
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