Her ex-niece and Willodine, the daughter of a former Miss, decide to participate in the Teen Bluebonnet beauty contest where the confrontation seems very difficult under that extra size. Events and surprises are escalating when other contestants walk on their feet, which may be an important event in Texas.
Duration: 110 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2018
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Dvora Anonymous
So good!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing
2018-12-11 21:12
Characters Of "Dumplin'"
Creators of "Dumplin'"
Critics Of "Dumplin'"
Pittsburgh City Paper
December 05, 2018 The corniness doesn't hinder the movie's goals, nor is it done on accident.
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New York Times
December 05, 2018 Kristin Hahn's script gives Will sassy lines and too many tears, but the filmmakers never give this character a real, searching, complex inner life.
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December 06, 2018 It is boringly conventional, giving the sensation of having seen it all before, only this time with more glitter and higher hair.
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Film Festival Today
December 06, 2018 The film may have its occasional narrative flaws, yet ultimately emerges as a fulfilling feel-good story with the happiest of vibes.
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Slant Magazine
December 05, 2018 As it proceeds through a series of teary reconciliations in the last half-hour of its 110-minute run time, the film's didactic drama begins to grate, its treacly emotions feeling increasingly unearned.
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New York Magazine/Vulture
December 04, 2018 On its surface, Dumplin' is a slight, charming comedy about beauty pageants and learning to be yourself, but watch closely enough and you might see some of the new moves it brings to an otherwise predictable routine.
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Hollywood Reporter
December 06, 2018 Dumplin' clings timidly to its YA roots, which are firmly on the unsophisticated side of the spectrum.
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AARP Movies for Grownups
December 03, 2018 The movie's real draw may well be the six new Dolly Parton-penned tunes featured on its soundtrack.
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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
December 06, 2018 'DUMPLIN' delivers an important message and also ends up being a must-see for Dolly Parton fans and for people who love films about beauty pageants.
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